Bastian Ragas goes abroad with his family

Bastian Ragas goes abroad with his family

Ragas travel around

Travel is no stranger to the Ragas family. Five years ago they already created a reality show for RTL Ragas travel around, in which Bastian and Duske spent four months traveling the world with their four children. ‘Our children have been brought up and brought up to be very adventurous. But I also knew that if Duske and I wanted to live somewhere else, we would have to let it grow. Our dream is to live abroad for a while with our children. I am already philosophizing about it to some people. It won’t be South America. Sem and I thought the trip was wonderful, but it was very dangerous. There are so many beautiful places in Europe that Duske and I are already looking carefully at where we might settle.

Sem ragas

Bastians son Cem from his previous relationship with singer Laura Vlasblom is unlikely to arrive. He already has his own life. The fact that we traveled together for two months was already wonderful. The dream came true. Definitely late Race around the world Check out the picture of Sem and I kissing a lot. But in 24 hours I was a caring father 22 hours a day. For once I didn’t want to show it to him. Then I tried to continue.’

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