Baseball Card Maker Official Topps and MLB NFTs will be released

Baseball Card Maker Official Topps and MLB NFTs will be released

In partnership with Major League Baseball and MLB Players Inc. Topps, the leading US trading card maker, will issue a set of non-exchangeable tokens. Now the major annual baseball card collection for Topps will be distributed in NFT format. This group reflects the company’s pivot towards digital transformation.

It also reflects awareness of the growing and startling appeal of blockchain-based acquisitions. The artwork from the physical releases of this year’s Topps Series 1 baseball release will be redesigned and improved for the officially licensed Topps MLB NFT range. This is to bridge the gap between the traditional and digital worlds of collectors.

With varying degrees of rarity, there will be a range of cards available, from “Common” to “Legendary”. Also, Limited Edition Cards and Platinum Anniversary Cards. In addition, to make the new digital collection more attractive, the company uses motion pictures and what it calls “nostalgic card templates” and “other digital decorations”. MLB Players CEO Evan Kaplan said the following.

They couldn’t think of a better way to honor the legendary players of the past and look forward to exciting careers for today’s stars and rookies. Because acquisitions are in a moment of breakthrough with NFTs and blockchain technology, according to Kplan. Topps is no stranger to blockchain and has long shown a willingness to introduce a traditional hobby into the digital age.

The company expanded its mobile apps for sports and entertainment digital collections, including the Topps Bunt. Separate from officially licensed blockchain Topps collectibles. Michael Eisner, Chairman of Topps, said in a recent interview that the sporting and entertainment aspect of the company is already 25% digital and growing rapidly.

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The company is now planning to go public. That’s why he mentioned blockchain and NFT in particular for their broad appeal, stating that it provides Topps with an opportunity to enter the secondary market.

MLB’s Oakland Athletics has begun accepting Bitcoin (BTC) as payment for its home season wings this year. In addition, it plans to keep the cryptocurrency obtained from the sale of the wings. For example, Cointelegraph recently reported on the wider US baseball world. Meanwhile, Blockchain sports companies, such as Chiliz, have also targeted the MLB fanbase with tokens for sports fans.

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