Banksy launches inflatable migrant boat into sea of ​​people at Glastonbury Festival | RTL News

Banksy launches inflatable migrant boat into sea of ​​people at Glastonbury Festival | RTL News


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Internationally known street artist and political activist Banksy hit the road at Britain’s Glastonbury festival this weekend. He did this while performing with the Idles, a punk band with a politically charged vibe. The show culminated in one of the best performances in the 52-year-old history of the festival.

During a performance by the Bristol punk band last Friday, a new Banksy artwork was made way for.

Videos circulating on X show a rubber boat carrying dolls like immigrants being launched above the dancing and singing crowd. It happened during the song “Danny Nedelko”. The song’s lyrics are about immigration, criticize the right-wing government and call for compassion.

The boat refers to the small boats on which many migrants try to reach the United Kingdom every year. Those boats full of people were a major target of the immigration policies of Rishi Sunak, the UK Prime Minister.

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The audience initially thought the boat was part of the band’s performance. It was only confirmed the next morning to the group that the boat was the work of Banksy and that he had used the punk band’s performance to share his new art. And the band itself wasn’t aware of it either. A spokesman for the British newspaper The Guardian said.

However, Banksy’s gimmick fits well into the British punk band’s repertoire. Edles is known to often criticize the government. During their concert at Glastonbury, the band also criticized the king and called for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

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Banksy has previously created artwork for the British festival. He designed the Union Jack blazer that Stormzy wore in 2019, and in 2014 he created a livestock truck that drove around the site with cuddly toys inside. In celebration of Glastonbury’s 50th anniversary, space has also been made available for the artist’s art on the festival’s website.

Station 1

Immigration is a major theme at this year’s Glastonbury Festival, with a new area dedicated to the topic, Terminal 1, where participants had to answer questions from a British government citizenship test. This is a test that all potential immigrants must pass successfully. A law was also regulated where participants had to pass immigration officials. The creative director of Terminal 1 expressed his hope that people will experience the migration experience for “the majority of people around the world.”

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