Ball book in reference to first love: "I still love it, but it's not with me"

Ball book in reference to first love: “I still love it, but it’s not with me”

A long procession of writers and celebrities once again passed last night on the red carpet for the traditional Boykenball. This year’s décor was different from previous editions: The party of writers had to move to the Escape Club on Rembrandtplein because Stadsschouwburg was already busy.

Boekenweekgift writer Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer fears this will make a difference: “People in Stadsschouwburg usually draw attention to themselves by drunkenly falling down the stairs. Other ways to get attention are likely to be found here.”

So strolling down the stairs and wandering the corridors was out of the question this year, but Club Escape’s dance floor nonetheless created a lively mood. “Being able to really party again after two years is pretty cool,” says Zaire Krieger. “I was expecting it to be more dusty.”

the first love

This year’s theme was “First Love”. “I still like it a little, but it won’t fall in love with me”, Splinter Chabot trust us on the red carpet. †I’ll look for the first one tonight replied love.”

“I’m with the most beautiful woman of the evening, so it can’t be bad,” Joost Prinsen said a little later when referring to Nurali Beyer.

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