Badr Hari looks forward to battle with Alistair Overeem: 'The last battle was legendary, the highlight' |  martial arts

Badr Hari looks forward to battle with Alistair Overeem: ‘The last battle was legendary, the highlight’ | martial arts

VideoOn October 8, Alistair Overeem and Badr Hari will face each other at Gelredome. At the Collision 4 event, the Dutchman made his Glory debut. For the third time in his career, he will compete with Harry.

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Twice before, both fighters faced each other. Once Overeem wins, once Hari. According to the former, things have changed since their last meeting. “it is in do or die-Situation. Since our last meeting, I’ve been a completely different fighter. When I look at our fighting styles, it can turn into fireworks.”

Harry has been dry for years, making his opponent do or die calls. Golden Boy However, he does not want to know anything about a possible end to his career. “Life isn’t all about winning. It’s about how I recover from setbacks. I still really like sports and feel good. I don’t even think about quitting yet.”


I thought it wasn’t very good, but it surprised us a lot

Badr Hari

Over a year ago, Harry teamed up with his new coach, Saeed Elbadawi. This is a source of confidence for him. “I had to adapt a little, it’s a completely different coach with a completely different way of working. When I start training with someone, I become a student and give them all my trust. Now our fighting visions are starting to converge. The two styles make each other better.”

back home
For Overeem, who has lived in America for ten years, it will be a private meeting with his compatriots in Arnhem. “I feel like coming home. It motivates me, fighting for the home lovers. I have lived abroad for a long time, but Holland is my home. I will be in good shape.”

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Harry looks positively at the previous meeting between the two fighters. “That fight was one of the highlights of my career. It was a legendary fight. I thought he wasn’t very good, but he really surprised us. It came like a hurricane. Now it’s different, we know what he can do, but he hasn’t fought in a long time and without rhythm this sport is tough.” Extremely “.

Riots are a thing of the past
Kickbockser Badr Hari and organizer Glory predict that riots like the one that occurred in March in Hasselt, Belgium, will not reappear at the organization’s martial arts concert. Because of that riot, the fight between Pole Arcadius, Rozosk and Harry had to stop, just like the rest of the program that evening. Glory was tasked with conducting an independent investigation and taking action on subsequent battles.

For example, fighters are no longer allowed to bring an unlimited number of invitees to fight and have them sit close to each other. Glory CEO Scott Rodman doesn’t want to reveal the maximum, but that’s definitely “less than a hundred.” According to Glory, the investigation showed that two hundred supporters who invited Wrzosek in March and who sat close to each other caused the riots. Fans clashed with each other.

According to Rodman, cooperation with the police should also be improved and the event site should better manage the flow of visitors. Things did not go well in Belgium, which, according to the CEO, has already made fans ‘angry’.

Harry describes the events as a black page in his fighting career, even though he doesn’t want to talk much about them anymore. “It was disastrous and something I had never seen before,” the 37-year-old Amsterdam said at a joint press conference with Alistair Overeem, in the run-up to their fight on October 8 in Arnhem. Harry respects Glory’s decision to stop his fight with Wrzosek, although he would have preferred to continue the fight. “I’ve talked a lot with Glory about this and I know they are doing everything they can to make sure these riots don’t happen again.”

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Alistair Overeem and Badr Hari. © Zuffa LLC / Pro Shots / Misha Kemenck

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