Bad news for 'Star Trek: Discovery' fans

Bad news for ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ fans

Bad news for 'Star Trek: Discovery' fans

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Bad news for ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ fans

Four years ago, Star Trek: Discovery Launched, the first new live-action series in ownership in several years. The series proved to be a huge success and helped launch CBS All Access, a streaming service in North America. Elsewhere in the world, the series has been released on Netflix.

The deal was with Netflix for most of its budget Star Trek: Discovery Had to pay, and in return acquired worldwide streaming rights. But four years later, two days before the start of the fourth season, the series disappeared from Netflix.

Expansion Paramount +

Departure Star Trek: Discovery Netflix is ​​part of a broader CBS program. The streaming service Paramount + (which arises from access by CBS) wants to be released worldwide.

It is expected to take place in 45 countries next year. So that series is just part of it Star Trek: Discovery Missing from Netflix.

That time was not crazy: Netflix and CBS signed on for the first three seasons Star Trek: Discovery, In which the sum of six numbers is combined. Now that the series has moved away from Netflix and become the Paramount + exclusive series, Netflix’s involvement is also disappearing.

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