Back on the road |  local features

Back on the road | local features


That’s exactly what it feels like for Chutney soca Dil-e-Nadan to get back on the road and play live with fans around the world, says director Richard Ramnarin.

Singer Raymond Ramnarin has taken his “Everybody Loves Raymond” concert to four sold-out venues in Miami, New York in the United States and Toronto in Canada. Gasparillo’s squad will also book in Holland in Europe and in Orlando and New York in the coming weeks.

Raymond says that going back to the theater is like being at home because it’s his personal comfort zone.

“The feeling is extraordinary. Then it’s all happening. I’ve always said that being on stage is my comfort zone. His home. Fans’ love and energy is unparalleled. Our fans deserve it and we do everything we can to provide them with the highest level of entertainment.”

Richard says the next stop will be home. The band returns to T&T on Indian Arrival Day to celebrate the birthday of their father and founder Ramnarine Moonilal. “It’s a two-pronged celebration of life. We will celebrate our father’s birthday. It’s also a time to reflect on our grandparents, their struggles and sacrifices. We celebrate our rich culture, our people, and the music we all love brought from our ancestors,” Richard said during a WhatsApp exchange with Kitcharee on Thursday.

Stronger build

global networks

Richard said that traveling through the US and Europe is also an ideal opportunity to build stronger networks. Del Nadan revealed that he is adopting new genres and establishing relationships with artists around the world. “We are back in the studio. Making new music. And new collaborations. We embrace every genre and connect with artists from all over the world. Our mission is to unite the world with music.”

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Richard said the band formed Team Music Boss (TMB) in collaboration with artists in the region and the United States. “We have formed an amazing group of artists from Trinidad, Guyana and the United States called Team Music Boss (TMB) and fans love every artist. Raymond Ramnarin is now affectionately known as The Music Boss (TMB), Richard said.

The band is also looking forward to the 2023 Carnival and the possibility of providing more opportunities for interaction between fans and artists.

“We welcome Carnival in 2023. But just like in the past when we hit the coronavirus, our ultimate goal is everyone’s safety. To this day, we stand by it. So, with hope and prayer, we all anticipate a more productive and joyful 2023, but let us branch out and hope. To have the biggest festival in the world again, because the biggest meeting in the world is ready,” concluded Raymond.

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