BabyBallers teach your little ones to feel the ball (Herentals)

BabyBallers teach your little ones to feel the ball (Herentals)

During the weekly BabyBallers sessions, the little ones learn a love of ball and sports with their (older) dad. © RR

Yellow, Herentals, Turnhout

With BabyBallers vzw, SportsKids introduces a concept in Kempen where 1 1/2 year old ukkepukken learn how to handle the ball in a playful way. Weekly classes take place in three locations.

Hans Oten

BabyBallers from the UK come to Flanders, where new non-profit organization SportsKids now organizes these hilarious ball moments in several municipalities. The project will also begin in September in Gill, Herenthals and Turnhout. The main objective is to stimulate the fun of ball sports among toddlers and preschoolers.

“This concept is unique,” says SportsKids co-founder and CEO Luc Deraedt. “Every week outside of school holidays, the little ones get a great time playing with their parents (grandparents), each time with a different theme. They playfully learn colors, numbers and shapes. In addition, children quickly make new friends. During the lessons that last forty each Minutes, the goal is really to get parents or grandparents involved.”

keep growing

The project divides children into BabyBallers (1.5 to 2.5 years old), MiniBallers (2.5 to 3.5 years old) and Ballers (3.5 to 5 years old). One of the co-initiators is former soccer player and football manager Luke Devereux, but BabyBallers should not be considered a soccer school. “Football attributes on a small scale form the basis of the weekly playing time and of course talents in this field also get a chance. But the ambition is to promote the sport at a very young age, so that children grow up in any sport.”

In Jill, The Weekly Project starts on Saturday 4th September at GO! Atheneum and runs until November 13. There is already a waiting list for the youngest of them. Weekly sessions will take place from Saturday 4 September to 13 November at Herentals, with a waiting list for juniors as well. At Turnhout, lessons take place in the Stadspark sports hall on Wednesdays from September 8 to November 17. (ho)

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