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In this children’s book on genetics, three rocks come together. The results were impressive: Bailey and his genes It goes beyond the clever use of a box of tricks to explain science to young readers.

From the very first sentences, the well-known children’s book author Stephan Bonin has drawn the reader. Melvin’s expressions, who regularly collaborate with Boonen, go well with this. Geert Mattis of the Center for Human Genetics (UZ Leuven), in turn, monitors scientific content and health.

It is through the boy Billy and his parents that we are introduced to the wonderful world of genetics. Billy was carefully assembled by vendor of 23 packages of “the color stuff” – the same amount of chromosome pairs we have.

Nine months later it is delivered in a package with a guide at Mendelstraat. Little by little, important insights about genes, chromosomes, and DNA are being explored. For example, about how genes dictate cells, what they should do, or how traces of DNA lead to crimes or ancestors. The summary boxes, graphs, numbers, and customizations help keep it easy to digest. The authors’ genes were screened for this occasion.

Boonen communicates the complex command in an understandable way. At the same time, he keeps the story going with his imaginative language and sense of humor. A great book for 9-year-olds, but it’s also an excellent way to test or update your knowledge of genes and chromosomes.

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