“AVROTROS doesn’t want to lose Eurovision trip for dessert” | RTL Street

“AVROTROS doesn’t want to lose Eurovision trip for dessert” | RTL Street


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Joost Klein, 26, has already hinted at Pinkpop and during a performance in Belgium that he wants to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest 2025. It has also become clear that he is interested in playing for the Belgians. Rob Goossens, 33, Luk Ikink, 41, and Mourad El Ouakili, 44, discuss the latest updates surrounding Joost’s possible return on The BLVD Podcast.

“They all don’t want to miss their beautiful trip, because Switzerland is wonderful.”

There is a possibility that we will lose Joost to our southern neighbors. During a performance in Genk, he invited the Brussels studio to contact him. “I understood that he was welcome, that the Belgians had contacted him and that he should listen to his voicemail,” said Mourad. So the Brussels studio responded to Joost’s invitation. According to Rob, they started the campaign for Joost’s return to the Eurovision Song Contest.

“The EBU has now said that Joost Klein is welcome in principle next year if he complies with all the rules,” continues Rob. It’s a remarkable statement, because the EBU had already reported on Joost for misconduct at the time. Luuk also finds the statement remarkable. “It would have made more sense if they had waited for the investigation first, and in the meantime said they didn’t have a good feeling about the situation. So they would prefer not to have Joost involved again,” concludes Rob, because they would also have been more consistent if they had continued to stand behind their zero-tolerance policy.

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According to Rob, the other image the EBU has created with this statement is that the exclusion was a kind of warning. He wonders why Jost wasn’t given a warning. “That didn’t happen, because the first time they had the chance to kick Jost home, he was on the plane home.” According to Luke, the bit of zero tolerance they are expressing now would have been better at the time of the Eurovision Song Contest itself. “Then he would have just been living there,” Luke says.

If Joost participates on behalf of the Belgians, Murad thinks it would be a brilliant choice. “It should be on behalf of the Netherlands.” Rob disagrees, as he finds AVROTROS unstable. While they initially doubted whether participation was still wise, they now seem to confirm it with their statement. “They all don’t want to miss out on their beautiful trip, because Switzerland is a wonderful country,” Rob says.

The Dutch delegation couldn’t save Joost this year, Rob adds. “They didn’t prepare him well enough for the huge book of dos and don’ts you have to follow.” Rob would understand if Joost chose a country other than the Netherlands. “I would really like San Marino, for example.”

It is not yet certain whether Jost will eventually return to the Eurovision Song Contest or not and for which country.

You can listen to the BLVD Podcast below.

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