Autocue bug during Jinek broadcast provides a hilarious moment

Autocue bug during Jinek broadcast provides a hilarious moment

At the start of the broadcast, Eva kicks off the evening’s biggest news: the results of the Gouden Televizier-Ring Gala. The moment Eva reads her text on a typewriter, she makes a mistake: she names Raven van Dorst as the winner of the Televizier-Ster. The introduction corrects itself very quickly by cutting off the sentence: “No, that was Tim Hoffman. There’s still Raven van Dorst.”

At the table, this bug causes confusion, but soon Eva decides to clarify the situation. “We were betting before the broadcast.” The presenter explains that “of course they don’t know who will win.” team apparentlyjink We already had a clear winner in mind: “We thought Raven might win. And we just put that out there.” Both the audience and the guests at the table should demand this. However, Eva wants to name the real winner again: “Tim Gain”.

The Televizier-Ster category was gender-neutral for the first time this year. In recent years, a distinction has been made between presenters and presenters. This year, in addition to Raven van Dorst and Tim Hoffman, Andre Van Doyen was also nominated.

jink It can be seen every evening around 10pm. You can watch yesterday’s episode on Videoland.

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