Autoriteiten buigen zich over oplossing voor marktverkopers

Authorities are considering a solution for market sellers

The situation is as it happens now.

After the authorities’ most recent decision to keep markets in Suriname closed to prevent further pollution, vendors have been instructed to sell their wares along the street. But the situation as it happens near the supermarket and the peaceful market is not what market master Gautam Dhanai liked. Market Director and District Commissioner Ricardo Bhula and the COVID-19 management team are currently working on a solution.

Market master Dhanai says the management team focused on the market last Friday. Solution proposals submitted from market leadership. One of them is the partial market opening. This is the circular part from the entrance to the exit gate. If this section opens, Dhanai believes a reasonable range can be accommodated. He cites the wholesalers, sellers of fish and meat, and the group of market sellers who are now standing on the street in front of the market.

These proposals have been included in a report that will be sent to the Minister of Health of Suriname. Consultations will also be held with the Minister on the opening of the upper part of the market. Dhanai, the market master, points out that not all market vendors are taking to the streets. Those who sell clothes are street vendors and have no income. A solution to them must also be found.

While the market has been using the protocols developed and approved by the ministry for some time, Gautam says he’s looking forward to any other ministry protocols. He also loves to see the BOG and the administrators scrutinize by those selling fish and meat on the street.

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The market manager respects the measures taken by the authorities and affirms that they aim to prevent the spread of the virus further. And he’s calling for vaccinations in the market, too

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