Australia and Qatar will not participate in the Copa America this summer

Australia and Qatar will not participate in the Copa America this summer in foreign football

Australia and Qatar will not participate in this summer’s Copa America. CONMEBOL announced this.

In the South American Nations Championships, it has been the norm in recent years for teams from other parts of the world to participate by invitation. Australia and Qatar, the plaintiff, withdrew this year. The Qatar Football Association has apologized, citing the reason behind the AFC postponement of the 2022 World Cup and 2023 AFC Asian Cup qualifiers to June. “This contradicts the schedule of the Copa America,” the Qatari Association said. Australia has the same problem.

The two teams will compete for the title with ten countries from South America in June and July. The tournament will be held in Argentina and Colombia from June 11 to July 10. In 2019, Japan and Qatar were the invited countries.

There will be two groups from six countries first, with the top four teams from both groups reaching the quarter-finals. Now there may only be semi-finalists, or the organization may choose to allow four of the five countries per group to pass. According to the Reuters news agency, South America is still looking for alternatives. “But the tournament will also continue in ten countries,” an anonymous source from the Football Association said.

Brazil won the last edition at home in 2019. Uruguay is the record holder with fifteen victories. Argentina followed with a score of fourteen, but last won the championship in 1993.

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