Faelin in de buitenlucht (Foto: Karin van Balen-Lück)

Auction for Sick Feline (3): ‘Hope for the main prize’

‘In short, Fellin had a genetic mutation from birth, which causes him to have severe epilepsy,’ explains mother Karin Van Balan.

To prevent attacks, Van Balan’s family has been in solitary confinement for two years. ‘Epileptic seizures are triggered by everything. By going it alone, we prevent many of those attacks. Nevertheless, in the last eighteen months we have had to save Feline’s life more than 40 times. ‘


There is no suitable treatment for feline in the Netherlands, but in the United States. But the family has to pay for it. Van Balan: ‘We need 100,000 euros.’ An aunt of Fellin has already started a trash campaign, and now her mother has set up an auction with music pieces.

‘We’ve got a lot of stuff through Katawiki. I’m auctioning off my dead father’s own set so he can still contribute to Feline ‘, says Van Balan.


Including the signed Alice Cooper guitar and various complete record collections. ‘The prince, too, was afflicted with epilepsy. So it had to be added anyway. ‘

Van Balan hopes to raise about யூ 20,000 with the auction. “Of course I like the main prize, but I have to be realistic too.”

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