Attorney Sebas Dykstra: ‘Listen, the TVOH investigation is going to end’

Lawyer Sebas Dykstra (42), who represents the victims of the ‘Voice of Holland’ scandal, “heard from various quarters that the investigation by producer ITV into The ‘Voice of Holland’ would be ready,” he told RTL Boulevard after sending a report from Yvonne Coldweger (36) .

“This afternoon someone told us that news about this will come out tomorrow. We’re very curious.” Juice queen Yvonne Coldfire has also heard those reports. She writes on her own juice channel. “According to a spy, Van Dorn’s (ITV)’s long-awaited investigative report into TVOH will be released tomorrow.”

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The ITV producer has engaged the law firm Van Doorne to carry out an independent investigation into The Voice of the Netherlands-scandal. The investigation has been going on for more than a year. Two weeks ago, it was announced that Ali B and Jeroen Reitbergen would go to trial for their alleged sexual misconduct on the singing show.


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Source: RTL Boulevard

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