Atos buys technology companies in Europe and North America

Atos buys technology companies in Europe and North America

Atos, a global ICT service provider, continued its buy-and-build strategy with the acquisition of three companies in Europe and North America.

With the latest series of deals, the number of closed acquisitions for Atos in the last two years has now risen to more than twelve.


In the United Kingdom, Ipsotech, a video analytics software solution provider, was acquired. London-based IpsoTech provides software to its customers, which allows them to track people and objects at intervals. For example, it is used for applications such as crowd management, smoke detection, robbery detection, security, license plate authentication, and traffic flow management.

Since its inception in 2001, IpSotech has completed over 600 projects in more than 30 countries, including key infrastructure sectors such as the public sector, retail, manufacturing, transportation and security and utilities.

“Through this strategic move, Atos strengthens its position on the fringe and computer vision and strengthens its ultimate first-end service portfolio in artificial intelligence and machine learning,” said Big Burnabe, Senior Executive Vice President and Global Chairman. Atos.


In Germany, Atos has acquired Cryptovision, a company that designs, develops and implements cryptography software and security solutions to protect digital identities. The KelsenCircion-based company operates primarily in the public and security sectors, but also has more demanding regulations and safety standards in other sectors.

As a result of the acquisition, a team of about 40 experts has joined Atos in Germany and the ICT service provider is strengthening its cyber security offer. The deal will take place within a year of Cybersecurity already strengthening its capabilities through acquisitions of Motive ICD Security in the Netherlands and SEC Consult in the German-speaking dock region.

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“This acquisition will enable us to develop more effective security solutions that meet the growing cyber security and privacy needs,” Barnabe said. Emerging cyber risks Within the landscape.


The third recent acquisition is the Canada-headquartered IT consulting processor. The company specializes in the implementation of Business 4.0 technologies in the industrial sector. It provides consulting, coordinating and managed services to companies in the aerospace, automotive, transportation, life sciences, manufacturing and high technology sectors.

As a result of this agreement, approximately 250 professionals will visit Atos offices in North America (Canada, USA) and Europe (Belgium, France, Netherlands and the UK). “Procisia has impressive capabilities and a reputation for completing Atos’ product lifecycle management and engineering services portfolio,” Barnabe said in a statement.

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