Atlanta Gunman: Eightfold Murder by "Sex Addiction" |  Abroad

Atlanta Gunman: Eightfold Murder by “Sex Addiction” | Abroad

That ABC News reports. Robert Aaron Long, 21, cites his “sex addiction” as the cause of the horrific massacre.

Long was arrested Tuesday night after a chase that lasted for several hours and taken into custody. At three different locations in and around Atlanta, residents were stunned by the late-night shooting. It always turned out in massage salons.

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office now reports that Long has confessed. “Long told investigators that he accuses massage parlors of providing a way out of his sex addiction,” ABC News quoted the office as saying.

Long said his actions were not racially motivated. At least some of the victims are women of Asian descent. Identification is still being officially underway.


Immediately after the shooting, organizations fighting xenophobia and Asian American hatred were shocked.

The United States is inundated with reports of violence against the Asian minority. “Our people are being attacked, insulted and beaten,” said Grace Ming of the House of Representatives. President Biden spoke about this a few days ago. “They are forced to live in fear while they are walking down the street. This is wrong and un-American,” he said. The Asians are said to be the “scapegoat” of the coronal family, although analysts say it is difficult to understand an overall cause of the violence.

So the Atlanta shooting was previously linked to racism, but there are no strong indications of this.

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