At least 1,000 people evacuated from wildfires near Bordeaux |  Currently

At least 1,000 people evacuated from wildfires near Bordeaux | Currently

The bushfires that have raged west of Bordeaux since Monday are now “trapped”. But the fire is not yet under control, according to the fire chief. Meanwhile, 3,700 hectares of forest and nature are set ablaze.

About 1,000 residents were evacuated on Wednesday alone. The total number of evacuees has risen in recent days to more than 1,800.

French newspaper Le Monde Reports said the fire broke out in the sparsely populated area in several places on Wednesday. This was partly due to strong winds. This made amortization more difficult. More than a thousand firefighters, eleven helicopters, firefighting planes and three hundred trucks are fighting forest fires.

Residents of the village of Somos, where the fire broke out, were forced to leave their homes on Monday and Tuesday evening. On Tuesday, the evacuation order was extended to part of nearby Sainte-Hélène.

The news channel reported that “thick and unpleasant smoke” towards the city of St. Helens on Wednesday caused, among other things, a thousand more people to leave. France information. 1,840 evacuees were greeted by acquaintances or in the village of Castelnau-de-Médoc, northwest of Bordeaux.

Gironde County has been hit hard by wildfires this summer. In total, about 30 thousand hectares caught fire. This is more than three times the size of the municipality of Utrecht.

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