Lars en Lizzy leken het droomkoppel. (Foto: RTL)

At first sight married couple Lars and Lizzie has already gotten a divorce: “ It could happen both ways ”

Science has thought of everything very beautifully: Lars from Breda and Lizzie from Eindhoven were tied together based on their characteristics. But their marriage did not become the hoped-for fairy tale. After fifteen episodes of the series “Married at First Sight,” it appeared on Tuesday evening that the two were about to divorce.

Lars was clearly disappointed on TV that Lizzie finally did not like the relationship. But he passed that now, months after the program was recorded. He told the “Walker” radio program, “Of course I was disappointed!” “She goes up to it with the idea that she can go both ways. And she gets past it a little faster, because you both don’t know each other very well at all, as is usual in a divorce. It hasn’t been a marriage for years.”

The experience in Married at First Sight is as simple as it is strange: two strangers marry each other on a TV show. But this just doesn’t happen. They are matched based on their personality and preferences.

For example, Lars from Breda and Lizzie from Eindhoven have been linked together. And it looked instantly. At the wedding, where the two first met, it seemed like they were made for each other. A true dream couple, just as science conceived.

But after a honeymoon and a cozy period, nothing was left of the marriage. In the final episode Tuesday evening, more than a million viewers saw that the two had actually split up.

Lars works as a police officer for Etten-Leur and is constantly recognized after his participation in the TV show. As the criminals say: “Hahaha, yes,” as Lars says. “I’m not Lizzie Van Married at first glance, I often hear. Wherever I am.”

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“Even colleagues who bring a detainee into the office in Itten-Lauer are often told that this is the office of a married agent.”

Lars and Lizzie lost contact after their wedding adventure. And whoever watched the final episode will also understand why. Lizzie was not in love and only wanted to see Lars every two weeks. Lars had big plans for Lizzy and he wouldn’t accept an occasional date. He got frustrated and angry. With this, the relationship ended forever.

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