Astrid chrysippum prefers to drink wine every day: "full bottles"

Astrid chrysippum prefers to drink wine every day: “full bottles”

Astrid told Maxim Hartmann in the magazine that she monitors her character because of her job. “I’ve been on the line for life. TV is and always will be visual.” Then it is a good thing she cameras NOS . News Trade in radio microphone. Now Astrid can make her dreams come true.

“If I didn’t have to watch my build, I would have drunk every day,” she admitted. “And not a few cups, but whole bottles, right? I could seriously party too hard. With wine and dance the night away. Fabulous!”

The fact that Astrid still looks fresh and fruity is not due to visits to the Botox doctor. “[Ik heb] Just lift my eyelids. But that’s all I really do. That’s it. No Botox or fillers for me. “For this reason, it’s very popular with guys aged 60 and over. Some even text me!” she says. cute huh? But luckily I have no problem staying monogamous.”

These devotees will have to make do with Astrid’s voice in the future. In a conversation with RTL Boulevard, she talked about why she left NOS.

You can now read the full interview with Astrid Kersseboom Veronica Superguide.

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