ASML and ASMI laminate funds give wings to AEX |  Financial

ASML and ASMI laminate funds give wings to AEX | Financial

The AEX Index rose 0.6% and closed at 686.13 points. This brings last year, last month, 689 points on the horizon. Midkap gained 0.7% at 1,009.53 points.

Frankfurt (-0.3%), where Volkswagen lost 3.3%, and Paris (+ 0.04%) lagging behind. Britain’s latest consumer price index was disappointing, with the FTSE 100 closing up just 0.3%. The numbers from the services sector were better than analysts.

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In Asian trade, the Nikkei contracted 2%. The Shanghai Index is down 1.3% and the CSI-300 Index is down 1.6%. Asian chip makers actually fell here: rival Intel is expanding its new production that will also work with other manufacturers in the United States.

Divided New York

New York is trading partly in the plus sign, with the Dow Jones up 1.1%, while tech stocks retreated below the Nasdaq (-0.4%).

The latest US durable goods orders numbers are disappointing: down 1.1% compared to February, as the market expected a rise of 0.8%.

Investors are also responding to positive signals from Fed Director Lyle Brainard, who is seeing a “significant” acceleration in growth in North America.

The 10-year US government interest rate increased to 1.634%. The dollar is once again up 0.1% to $ 1.1836.

“European exchanges and the AEX are mainly driven by good PMI numbers, which turn out pretty well,” says economist Leon Cornelisen.

“Mainly due to massive support packages from the US, there are also concerns among investors about the overheating of this economy. This is driving interest rates and causing turmoil.”

“This fear of rising interest rates is still relatively limited at the present time due to the increase in the number of Corona infections; This does not look good at all and this is affecting the economic recovery. These concerns about interest rates and the halo mean the European Central Bank may want to take steps, says economist Cornelisen.

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Oil recovers

Brent crude rose 5.2 percent to $ 64 a barrel, after falling 5 percent on Tuesday.

Hans Van Cleef, an energy specialist at ABN Amro, says the blockade imposed by the 200,000-ton Taiwanese container ship Evergiffen in the Suez Canal with its Rotterdam destination has had an effect.

A great deal of oil passes through the Suez Canal. The blockade means detour and thus high transportation costs. However, I am not surprised if he is also partially buying deals again, after the strong price drop yesterday and last week. “


In Germany, the number of new cases of corona has doubled in the past 24 hours. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has reported nearly 16,000 new cases.

On Tuesday, Chancellor Angela Merkel and the state’s prime ministers decided to extend the lockdown until April 18.

However, Germany applies a rest period over the Easter weekend, according to the Der Spiegel report. The Netherlands, France and Italy extended their restrictions. ING analyst Simon Wirma said that the new closures “paint a grim picture of the pace of economic recovery in the euro area.”

Chips on a trip

In the AEX ASML With an index weight of 15.05%, 4.2% higher. US chip giant Intel, a customer of the chip machine maker from Veldhoven, is investing $ 20 billion, among other things, in building two factories in Arizona. It is also expanding into Europe.

Industry Fellow ASMI 5.2% increases. Chip Box iron Advances 3.9%.

According to Corné van Zeijl, an analyst at Actiam Asset Management, Intel’s willingness to invest is “a positive sign for the entire chip sector”.

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Analysts at Credit Suisse also see ASML and ASMI benefit greatly. Wim Zwanenburg from Stroeve & Lemberger expects the Dutch NXP, the main supplier to auto manufacturers, to continue rising on the New York Stock Exchange. The technology analyst predicts that “stocks in the auto sector, which have been in short supply for months, will benefit in particular.”

Steel maker ArcelorMittal 4.1% wins. Broadcaster Randstad (+ 1.9%) remote tracking.

RD Shell, On Tuesday he was forced to give up ground after the price of oil calmed down, rebounding once again when the 11% index weighed 1.6%.

Just eat takeaway However, in the rear (-2.1%). Heavy weight index Unilever With a weight of 14.64% in the AEX and Heineken You lose 0.5% and 1.1%, respectively.

Ahold Delights It decreased by 0.6%. French supermarket group Carrefour and investors bought Grupo BIG Brasil for 1.1 billion euros.

Galapagos in the back

Belongs to medium-sized funds Farming To the largest descendants, a decrease of 1.7%.

Soil Researcher Fugro He wins here thanks to a 4% increase.

Stainless steel maker Aperam It increases 2.9%. Degroof Petercam puts the stock on his buy list. Aviation anxiety KLM Air France It thickens 2.9%.

Chemical technology company Avantium It will be worth 6.4% more for smaller funds. It has performed slightly better than expected in 2020, according to ING analyst Reginald Watson.

Investment fund The value 8 It is down 0.8% from the quarterly numbers reported by director Peter Paul de Vries on Wednesday. In its full fiscal year, it reported a net profit of 13.25 million euros, and an earnings per share of 1.31 euros. In 2018, this profit amounted to 0.42 €.

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