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Action RPG developer The Ascent is in the process of adding DLSS and ray tracing to the Game Pass version of the game for PC. Earlier this week, it was revealed that the Steam version of The Ascent does indeed have these features, but the Game Pass version does not.

PC gamers noted upon the release of The Ascent that the Game Pass version of the game, available through the Microsoft Store, does not support DLSS. Ray tracing also did not work in the Game Pass version of The Ascent.

Developed by Neon Giant Reports now on Twitter That the studio is looking into this, “with the intent of aligning it with the Steam release.” The developer also reported that the . file BuildsThe processes are different for both versions, and the Microsoft Store version cannot simply be ported to the Steam variant. So players on PCs with the Game Pass version of the game can expect a patch that adds DLSS and ray tracing. It is not known when this update will be introduced.

Specifically, it’s for the PC version of Game Pass, not The Ascent versions for Xbox Series X and S. Xbox consoles do not support DLSS and in Interview with Wccftech Neon Giant has stated that it will not offer ray tracing on these keyboards either. “This is a PC-only feature,” the developer said. The studio has no plans to add AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution feature.

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