Art Rooijakkers could not speak for several months: ``My voice has always been so natural'

Art Rooijakkers could not speak for several months: “My voice has always been so natural’

“That sound has always been a very natural thing,” Art Rueijkers told Humberto on Sunday.

In advance of last year I found a polyp in the vocal cords. Many surgeries have not resolved these voice problems. In the end, he couldn’t speak for a hundred days.

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At the beginning of this month, the Rooijakkers announced on Instagram that he could speak again. Then he said On RTL Boulevard Although he is still in rehab at the moment and will continue to see a speech therapist.

awkward female voice

“When these problems started, my kids weren’t even 5, so they haven’t been able to read yet,” Ruijkers told Humberto. “I used Google Translate, but it was very confusing to them because it was a female voice.”

A doctor who operated on him said it was “a dime.” His voice may remain hoarse forever, but thanks to innovative medical treatment, doctors were later able to restore his vocal cords. He had to remain silent for months due to the recovery. “Let’s not dramatize it,” Roijakkers himself says. “I would never have died from that.”


The problems were due to overload. Since the TV presenter has continued to work after several surgeries, his vocal cords have not recovered well. In principle, the problems are now over, Ruijkers said. However, he should remain careful and not use his voice excessively.

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