Arnhem supplies Coldplay energy during the tour

Arnhem supplies Coldplay energy during the tour

According to Wattsun’s co-founder, Bart Hendriks, concerts can be powered in a green and sustainable way. “Especially in the past, the available power was insufficient. Generators are often used. But now concerts can also be organized in an emission-free manner.”

Because the audience is dancing on a private floor, Watson’s batteries are being charged. In addition to the dance floor, party visitors can also sit on a bike that recharges the batteries. Wattsun previously provided sustainable energy to festivals like Mysteryland and the Awakenings in this way. The company’s batteries are also modular, allowing capacity to be expanded by stacking the units.

The named tour fields music Across the UK and the rest of Europe starts on May 17th in Coimbra, Portugal. There is a lot of interest in Coldplay parties in the Netherlands. Initially, the British band will hold two concerts in Amsterdam, but soon this number was expanded to four performances. All tickets to the shows sold out in July.

A sustainable energy source is especially great in this day and age, because prices are swinging. Also, rising gas prices are alarming to many people.

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