Ariana Grande is a tourist in Zaancy Chance in a birthday shot for her husband |  show

Ariana Grande is a tourist in Zaancy Chance in a birthday shot for her husband | show

PhotoInternational pop star Ariana Grande used a traditional Dutch snap to congratulate her new husband, Dalton Gomez, on his birthday. In front of 257 million followers on Instagram, the singer shared a photo of her and Dalton in huge clogs found at the Zaanse Schans in Zaanstad.

“Happy birthday, my love, my husband, my best friend,” she captioned the photo, showing the two wearing face masks at a well-known tourist attraction. ‘I love you for ever.’

Ariana (28) and realtor Dalton (26) get married Last May and went on a honeymoon last month to the Netherlands. The American star had already shared this photo at the time, as well as a series of other photos from Amsterdam. She collected 7.2 million likes with videos of a swan and a ladybug, pictures of a windmill, a succulent and a channel. Her caption, a waffle and snail emoji, caused some confusion in the US media.

Read on below the photo Ariana shared today:

Ariana and Dalton wear clogs at Chance Zanes. © Instagram Stories Ariana Grande

Some websites have written that the two phenomena are closely related to Dutch culture and the capital. Although Ariana may have already referred to stroopwafels, it’s unclear what exactly our country has to do with snails.

shearing I wrote with a wink that Grande was probably referring to the “champagne snail farming business,” which isn’t something we’re really familiar with. “Language experts will spend years interpreting the message,” the site said.

Watch the show and entertainment videos below:

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