Arctic explorer Dixie Dancercore, 58, has died during an expedition in Greenland |  abroad

Arctic explorer Dixie Dancercore, 58, has died during an expedition in Greenland | abroad

“Dixie fell into a deep chasm last night. Another rescue was launched, but unfortunately it was too late. We have now received confirmation from Greenland,” says Stefan Maes, press officer at Dansercoer.

Dixie Dansercoer was an experienced adventurer who had already made several trips to the North and South Poles. This time he was on the road in Greenland with other travelers. Dansercoer was making a trip of about 35 days. On April 28, he had set out on a roughly 2,200-kilometre journey from Narsarsuaq to Kanak, with Canadian Sebastian Ude and Dutchman Johanna Adriana Simone Maria. The trip included scientific research on climate change, but it was also a mathematical challenge in a harsh environment.

His partner Sebastian Ude was unharmed but shocked. He was able to notify emergency services. Because the area is so far away, the rescue helicopter did not arrive until four hours later. Rescue workers tried to reach the Dansercoer, but were unsuccessful. It is not yet known whether his body will be recovered.


According to the blog that kept the trio, last updated yesterday, the Adventurers have already been on the road for 31 days. Everything seemed to be going well: the trio spoke of excellent team spirit. “Beautiful temperatures, beautiful flooring and perfect visibility.” What exactly went wrong yesterday is unknown. This latest post reports that Dansercoer had digestive issues. He himself attributes these problems to eating too quickly, but the food supply was checked to rule out the possibility of food poisoning. It remains unclear if this had anything to do with his fall into the rift.

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Dansercoer made many heroic journeys to the North and South Poles. He is best known for his 1998 tour with Alan Hubert. Together they crossed Antarctica (Antarctica). Dansercoer leaves behind a wife and four children.

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