Apps of the week: League of Legends and Express Train app |  right Now

Apps of the week: League of Legends and Express Train app | right Now

One of the greatest PC games to ever hit smartphones, we’re looking at an app related to train turbulence. These are the apps of the week.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends It is one of the most popular computer games to this day. Players compete against each other in small teams, aiming to destroy each other’s bases as quickly as possible and claim victory.

Called mobile version Wild rift It has been in development for a while and from this week onwards everyone can play it. The game is not completely finished yet: developer Riot Games calls it a “thorough test”. However any interested person is welcome to take part in this test.

Wild rift Much like his older brother, with five to five teams. However, the game is optimized for smartphones with an analog joystick and its five attack buttons.

The game is free to download, but additional characters can be purchased with real money. Riot Games pledges that each character can be unlocked without paying any money.

Download League of Legends: Wild Rift for iOS From Male in appearance (Free)

On the horizon

Making screen recordings can be useful, for example if you want to quickly explain to a colleague how the app works. The recently revamped Android app Loom allows you to create these types of videos while your selfie camera picture can also be seen in the corner. The app is also available on iOS.

According to the developer, this is an easy way to create comprehensive and personalized explanatory videos. Recording will start after pressing three buttons, then the video will be downloaded. You will then receive a link that you can share with others.

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The app is free to use, but companies can sign up for advanced functions. It will cost a minimum of ten euros per month and per user.

Download Loom for iOS From Male in appearance (Free)

Ride on trains

The new navigation app Driving the Trains does one thing above all: it shows whether the trains are running or not. It provides an easy overview of delays in your route and disruptions to Dutch Railways.

Current apps from Dutch Railways and 9292OV also often provide all this information, but Rijden de Trein immediately opens to a page where the relevant delays are mentioned. This allows you to find this specific information a little faster.

This should make it a useful app for travelers who use the same route every day. After all, they already know their train times and just need to refer to the delay information.

Download Drive the Trains for iOS From Male in appearance (Free)

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