Apple will start with US-made chips in two years

Apple will start with US-made chips in two years

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Apple is preparing to use US-made chips in its devices. Right now, the vast majority of semiconductors for iPhones and MacBooks come from Asia, but the first units of a new plant in Arizona will be ready in 2024. CEO Tim Cook said this during a visit to Germany, according to financial news agency Bloomberg.

Cook also expects to buy chips in Europe “as plans for that become clearer”. Apple wants to become less dependent on production in Asia. For example, 60 percent of necessary processors now come from Taiwan. TSMC, Apple’s main chip supplier, is located there. “It doesn’t matter what you think. If 60 percent comes from a certain place, it’s probably not a good strategic position,” Cook said in Germany.

In addition to the TSMC plant near Phoenix, which will be ready in about two years, the Taiwanese chip maker is considering building another large multi-billion dollar factory, according to the Wall Street Journal business report. The US government subsidizes more chip production in its country in order to become less dependent on Asian countries.

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