Apple will soon stop selling the iMac Pro – computer – news

Quite far fetched
Is the duration a short-sighted comment then? to me Compare me more Compare it to the asking prices for other smartphones and laptops compared to the competition. And it’s not in vain that the term “Apple tax” is widely known, so yes, products are on average more expensive.

The question is whether you will get value in return. If iCloud is important to someone, the ecosystem, or whatever payment you might get on the schoolyard, at work, or for your friends, the value is great. That doesn’t make that phone or laptop cheaper, so it’s still expensive – he said it’s worth the price for them.

My answer above focuses primarily on using the term ‘nitwits’ in a derogatory way – meaning Multimedia Blast actually indicates that it thinks being attacked is illogical (feels like it is under attack) uses an insulting term meaning it attacks someone who’s attacking it.

So I’m not one with the comment below from Clubbtraxx:

Exactly, this “air” as if unique and superior goes back to the early days of Apple. It continues to be a nuisance to many of these people.

Yes, there are Apple users who behave this way, but like many Windows or Android users. Which I think is the case (lower abdomen as Javaantje indicates); Apple is often purchased as a “status code” more than a Windows laptop or Android smartphone. Just like a Mercedes, it is often sold as a “status symbol” rather than a Volkswagen. Perhaps it is rooted in the fact that these are more expensive.

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