Apple unveils new AirPods and Apple Watch features

Apple unveils new AirPods and Apple Watch features

Apple unveiled a variety of new updates at its annual WWDC Developer Conference tonight, including iOS 15 On iPad 15. Apple also announced FaceTime video calling service Available on Android and Windows to make. Apple didn’t introduce any new hardware, but it did bring a series of updates to its AirPods and Apple Watch wearables.

For people with mild hearing problems

For example, AirPods get a “conversation booster” function, especially for people with “mild hearing problems”. Like hearing aids, AirPods can play the sounds of people nearby louder, while filtering out ambient noise.

Finding AirPods will also be easier via the Find My app. Likes AirTags Users more accurately see where their AirPods are: the iPhone appears when the user approaches the AirPods.

spatial sound

AirPods Pro On AirPods Max Get support for Spatial Sound and Dolby Atmos on your Mac and Apple TV. Until now, this feature was limited to iPhones and iPads. Spatial audio will soon only work on Macs equipped with the Apple M1 chip.

Use AirPods with a file Camel It also gets simpler: when users watch TV and insert or put their AirPods on, a shortcut button automatically appears on the screen to switch.

watch face pictures

The most popular watch face on Apple Watch It is the face of the image view according to Apple. It will receive a new variant in watchOS 8: Portrait Mode. Personal photos are automatically selected and cropped to size. Also, the sharp foreground is separated from the blurred background, as it were. The time comes between these two layers, so that a beautiful multi-layer disk is created automatically.

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The Photos app is also being expanded on the Apple Watch. So far, only favorites have been shown, and watchOS 8 displays daily reminders as it does on the iPhone. These photos can be shared directly from the watch, using a comprehensive iMessage app.

Sleep, Meditation and Exerciseتمارين

The breathing app on the smartwatch changes to Mindfulness on watchOS 8. In addition to breathing exercises, the app also offers other anti-stress functions, such as reflecting on certain thoughts.

The Sleep app is also being expanded, and now it measures the user’s breathing as well. This data is kept in graphs, and users are automatically notified if material changes occur. New sports are also being added to Watch’s Workout app, such as Tai Chi and Pilates.

Just like iOS, the Wallet app on the Watch can also be used for digital home keys and hotel and office cards. The Home app is being revamped to give users faster access to many of the smart cameras, scenes, and gadgets they most likely want to control at any time.

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