Apple: The Epic Games court process is an “attack” on a secure system

Apple: Epic Games’ court proceedings are an “attack” on ANP’s secure system

Apple describes Epic Games’ alleged abuse of power by the iPhone maker as an “attack” on a secure system. But CEO Tim Sweeney of the developer of the popular shooting game disagrees. He argued in a US court on Monday that Apple’s iOS and App Store have a “dynamic platform” that companies like Epic rely heavily on. According to him, it should not be possible for Apple to mainly use this strong position to make a big profit

A trial began in the United States on Monday, which is likely to take weeks. Epic accuses Apple of misusing its position of authority by requiring apps to use Apple’s payment system and handing over 30 percent of all proceeds. According to experts, this has been one of the hottest lawsuits in the American tech world in years. This is because the revenue model for large tech companies like Apple and Google is under discussion here.

Epic and Apple have been in a fierce battle since last year, after Epic unilaterally decided to include its payment system in its iPhone app. Apple bans this in its terms of use, and has therefore removed the Epic Software from the App Store. Epic has also filed complaints against Apple in the European Union, Great Britain and Australia.

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