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Apple announces multiple access features for its devices. One of its features is door detection, which can be used to locate the door using an iPad or iPhone camera. Apple is also working on direct translation in its operating systems.

It is not yet known when the accessibility features will come to various Apple devices. Apple writes It is currently still working on various features. The door detection function is to access the Magnifying Glass app on iPad and iPhone and use the camera and LiDAR scanner.

The tool should make it easier for blind or visually impaired people to find a door in a new room. It should also be possible to recognize room numbers or indicate an entry sign using the door detection feature. Because the LiDAR scanner is used, door detection can only be used on iPhones and iPads with LiDAR technology.

Apple will also support live translation in its operating systems. Subtitles must be activate with “any form of audio content,” Apple reports. The tech company mentions subtitles as examples when watching a video, video call, or content on social media. In addition, the translation must also be usable during a face-to-face conversation.

It remains to be seen when Dutch translation will be available as well, because at the moment Apple is only announcing beta testing of the accessibility functionality in Canada and the US. Apple isn’t the first tech company to experiment with automatic subtitle generation announced last year Test with live subtitles running. Youtube He also has translations for a year It also provides the option to automatically translate these subtitles into Dutch, among other things.

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