Apple rejected the million new apps on the App Store – tablets and phones – the news last year

Apple said it rejected nearly one million entries for new apps in the App Store in 2020. The tech company was also rejecting nearly a million updates for existing apps in the same year.

an Apple He writes on his website Applications and updates can be rejected for various reasons. For example, some applications will not finish or not run properly when sent for verification. The company also states that the apps sometimes do not have a suitable system for moderating the content posted by users, as was the case with social media Parler.

According to the company, a smaller percentage of apps get rejected as they could be harmful to users. By 2020, the Apple App Review team would have rejected more than 48,000 apps because they contain “ hidden or undocumented features. ” More than 150,000 apps were rejected, according to the tech giant, because they turned out to be spam or copies of other apps, or because they tried to manipulate users, for example to make in-app purchases.

Apple also states that 95,000 apps have been removed due to fraud, for example if the developer changed the operation of the app completely after it was approved by Apple. Additionally, the company states that more than 215,000 apps have been rejected due to privacy violations. These apps may, for example, collect more data from users than necessary, or do not handle this data properly.

Apple is currently in a lawsuit with Epic Games over the App Store policy. The latter party thinks Apple’s 30 percent commission on purchases in the App Store is too high. At the same time, Epic Games believes that the App Store policy is extremely closed; Developers cannot create their own app store for iOS devices to avoid these commissions. Apple itself believes that this policy is important for security and privacy. Tweakers was published recently Dramatic story About the lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games.

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