Apple fixes Safari bug that could display users’ online activity – tablets and phones – news

Because not everyone wants to use AppleID / Appstore.

There is no technical reason why this is necessary for core macOS apps. Apple does this as a package because Apple wants to get its way: Do you want bug fixes? You also need to update macOS and Messages so that you can use the new anti-CSAM/[insert database van welke overheid of malware dan ook] Get your macOS spy mechanics, otherwise you won’t get any more bug fixes. Same idea as “We add extra emojis in iOS 16.1 so that ‘regular people like your girlfriend’ install the latest bug fixes”.

There is no reason to have FaceTime in the system other than an arbitrary choice to do so, it was not in the past and you can download it from the App Store. In the past, most macOS apps were not part of the system and you could uninstall them, Apple decided to do the same “binding” that Microsoft did by making them part of the system, which will give you an error if you try to uninstall them.

I don’t see an argument anywhere in your answer as to why it should necessarily be involved in macOS updates except that this helps Apple because you have to install the entire changes package, so the whole 1GB to change is less than 1KB.

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