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Here is a dialogue after more than 20 years of experience, including several years in Silicon Valley. Don’t take this for granted, this is a small collection of the man’s limited experiences with his worldview.

it’s a Proved that women are generally more “acceptable” than men, Be submissive, and certainly in the tech world very often only a high level (with some exceptions) can only be reached through gender quotas and support from people who are already in powerful positions (i.e.).

I don’t mean anything bad with this; They are just simple facts. Just like the fact that in childcare and childcare, it is difficult for men to find work because men are often seen as a potential risk. This ignites? No. Are there more active male pedophiles? Yeah.

I think his word choice is too blunt, especially for American culture, and that kills him.

Generally speaking, it is a problem in the tech world that everything is unevenly distributed. The politically correct brigade wants “equal results” and prefers 50% men and 50% women in the tech world. That is why the quota system can be found here and there.

Of course, this is very strange when you realize that there is only a minority of women in technical courses. If the women themselves did not choose to conduct these studies, the “equal result” was simply not realistic.

I myself support “equal opportunity”. In theory, women or men with a fully-fledged technical education should be given the same opportunities and pay. This is largely true (and the reverse has not been substantially proven), until you get to the point where human biology comes into play:

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A man cannot get pregnant. Men are not exposed to the influence of hormones squeak for 9 months. Men do not have a strong bond with their children from day one, unlike usually mothers. Men can continue to work in the years they have children, while women cannot. This may take years of work experience.

So, yes, men and women who graduate at 24 and work 6 years earn the same salary. However, if they both change jobs twice, then there is a chance that a man will get a higher salary because it is less acceptable than a woman. Then the woman spends 3 years fathering and raising two children while the man continues to work.

The result: a man of 9 years and recent work experience versus a woman of 6 years who have no recent work experience.

So you are a different guy and you have to apply to this woman who really doesn’t know how the tech scientist works, because she hasn’t been informed in over 3 years. Oh, and she works shifts 3 and 4 days a week so she can get home for the kids.

Yes, there are countless people like this. I’ve seen them a lot, also in the Bay Area (I woke up for First American, Apple, Couchbase, and AT&T, among others), where the few women I’ve actually seen have been mainly busy with their babies during meetings (babies crying, jogging around little kids, screaming babies Little kids, etc.) – endless noises even when they’re not speaking. Men? Men sometimes mute them even when they are talking : +

In my field, I have never learned anything technical from a woman and I never see women as a strong artistic addition to the team. She is not critical, but rather gentle in nature. You can actually call that “weak.”

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Only “full of shit” I can not put. Everyone is full of shit, including me. Men and women often express other types of nonsense.

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