Apple and Google stop updating the Corona app in the UK due to data collection – IT Pro – News

That’s why AmigaWolf also mentions the OS, not the COVID APIs, I think.
Apple also brings a few things together, but Google goes a few more.
I disable all unnecessary accesses inside Android as much as possible. This led to the SMS app every time I open it or receive a text message, an error message comes from Google Play Services. Even I grant Google Play Services access to my microphone.
I don’t know what the connection is between Play Services’ microphone access and SMS, but it’s clear that at least Play Services won’t get that access.

I think many can tell a lot about privacy (more in the context with Google than with Apple), but the bottom line is that we have allowed for a very long time to collect practically unlimited data. We have now reached the point where companies should be able to communicate the data that needs to be collected, but this is not enough.
Data collection by itself is not a big deal. The problem is that data collection resulted in significant income and only acted as an incentive for collecting more and more data. Politicians are not interested in stopping this: the security authorities themselves are taking advantage of the technologies that the elders have developed and the data they collect (and to some extent, those security services).

What I want is that the data can be collected, but only if it is clearly not generating a profit.
With this, companies can still collect data and develop products / services, but cannot enrich themselves. And this is what it wants: it’s our data, so we need to take advantage of it. Nothing else.
Unfortunately, I didn’t see that in the last election, but I focused on racial makeup, like the last fifteen years or more.

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