Anxiety in Northern Ireland after yesterday’s violent riots

Anxiety in Northern Ireland after yesterday’s violent riots

A total of 27 officers were injured in the riots on Friday evening and night. In Belfast’s predominantly Protestant neighborhood of Sandy Row, rioters attacked police with bricks, metal bars, fireworks and manhole covers. Fifteen policemen suffered head burns and wounds, one of whom also broke his leg.

Seven rioters were arrested in the Belfast area, including two children aged 13-14.

Things spiraled out of control in Londonderry yesterday for the fifth time in a row. 12 officers were injured in it.

Customs borders due to Brexit

Due to Brexit, an external border of the European Union was established on January 1 between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. To protect the peace in Northern Ireland, there were no solid land borders with controls on the Irish island. However, there were customs borders at sea between Northern Ireland and Great Britain to regulate trade between the European Union and the United Kingdom.

This new trade barrier has already led to an escalation of tensions in the pro-British community in recent months. In the coastal city of Larne, for example, menacing texts were painted on the walls.

“There are now borders all over the country that we belong to. This is undermining Northern Ireland as part of the United Kingdom,” said a politician in the Democratic Federal Party. Recently versus NOS About anger. The Democratic Unionist Party is the largest Protestant union party in Northern Ireland.


Opponents of the Democratic Unionist Party accuse this party of inciting riots. “Their words and actions have sent a very dangerous message to young people,” said Jerry Kelly of the pro-Irish Sinn Féin MP.

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According to the DUP, it is Sinn Féin who is responsible for the troubles. The rioters are said to be acting out of frustration with the Northern Ireland judiciary decision not to prosecute Sinn Féin party members for violating Corona rules.

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