Another notable sports watch with unannounced Apple earplugs

Another notable sports watch with unannounced Apple earplugs

Morgan wears new Apple-branded Beats earplugs in a photo Instagram page, reports 9to5Mac. The Beats logo is clearly visible on the earbuds, which is unlike anything the brand’s current wireless earbuds.

It’s the second time that unannounced Beats earplugs have been shown in this way. Professional Basketball Player LeBron James posted a picture two weeks ago on instagram He wears the same white earplugs with the Beats logo.

Smaller than AirPods

In addition, the owner of Beats Apple has already leaked the appearance of the earplugs themselves. In a beta version of iOS, newly Beats Studio Buds images found. Those photos match the leaked photos.

This iOS leak also revealed that the earplugs will also be available in black and red in addition to white. Beats Studio Buds headphones, unlike AirPods From Apple it does not stem and there is no wire or ear attachment like the current one Beats Wireless Headphones.

Lots of AirPods Pro Features

The new Beats earphones will share many features with AirPods Pro. For example, earplugs will have active noise reduction and can be operated hands-free via the “Hey Siri” command. Beats earbuds and headphones have the same chipset as the AirPods, allowing for quick pairing and support for things like spatial audio Added to Apple Music.

It is not known when the new Beats earplugs will be officially announced and what they will cost.

Apple held last week big show about the future Software updatesBut the company did not mention the new devices.

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