Another jab at the Trump White House: 'America's comeback begins now' |  Instagram

Another jab at the Trump White House: ‘America’s comeback begins now’ | Instagram

With videoDonald Trump is going to try again: he has already launched a new campaign for the 2024 presidential election. “To make America great and proud again, I’m announcing my candidacy for president tonight,” Trump said in the ballroom from his March. Lago Resort in Florida.

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Latest update:

He officially reported to the Election Commission on Tuesday (local time). After months of hints, the man who was almost impeached twice and tried to stay put after losing the election is actually going to have another shot at the White House.

Trump opened with an hour-long speech in which he painted a rosy picture of his four years as president, during which the economy was mostly good. “We were a great and glorious nation under our leadership,” Trump said of his administration. “But now we are a nation in decline. We are a failed nation.

Similar to his speeches in 2016 and 2020, he painted a bleak picture of a country reeling from high gasoline prices, immigration and crime. As in previous campaigns, he portrayed himself as the savior of Americans. In recent months he has complained a lot about alleged fraud in his losing presidential election, but he has now notably dropped the matter. “America’s comeback begins now.”

Donald Trump officially announced his candidacy during a speech in Florida. © Reuters

The initial kick

It was an unusually early start. His advisers are still advising against it because it’s such a bad time. Republicans should aim for second place in next month’s Georgia state Senate election. The name Trump scares off floating voters, Republicans have noticed.

Also, the former president is weaker than ever. Candidates from his constituency did well in last week’s Congress elections Very disappointingThere are now plenty of voices on the American right calling for a definitive end to the Trump era and charting a new course.

But he has been eager to campaign again for months and promised a big announcement just before a disappointing round of elections. Throwing it back will be a failure. Trump, as always, goes on the offensive while pressing the defensive. He is the subject of multiple criminal investigations, and he knows that running for president will make it difficult to prosecute him.

Election failure

But success is by no means guaranteed. All things considered, party members are now loudly saying that Trump has lost a series of elections. He became president in 2016, but received a minority of votes. His party lost the 2018 congressional election under his leadership, he lost the 2020 presidential election, and last week the supporters he campaigned for lost again.

Principals come first. Ultimately, Americans who are registered Republican voters decide who their party’s nominee will be. Loyal party tigers mainly vote in such primaries, and extremes often do well in those constituencies — as Trump emerged before in 2016. However, in the most early polls — which don’t say much about the final result — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is more popular than Trump.

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