Another big setback for Disney + 'Willow'

Another big setback for Disney + ‘Willow’

Another big setback for Disney + 'Willow'

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Another big setback for Disney + ‘Willow’

Things won’t go very smoothly with willowThe series that Disney + is working on. In the TV series, actor Warwick Davis returns as the main cast. But setbacks continue.

Back in January, it emerged that director John M Choo would be leaving production due to production schedule changes, ongoing UK shutdowns and a new baby set this summer. He was replaced by Jonathan Entwistle, who departed this week.

It has already been replaced

Fortunately for Disney+, a replacement for Entwistle was soon found in Stephen Woolfenden. He is known as a television director, but he has also worked in film productions on a large scale. For example, as the director of the second unit, he took over parts of Detective Pikachu And no less than six Harry Pottermovies on.

willow Years after the events of the 1988 fantasy film, we see entirely new characters in the enchanted world of fairies and the two-headed monsters of Iborsk.

In the center is Warwick Davis again, who is now Willow “A very experienced magician. I hope he’s learned a lot of magic and sees him perform it.” Davis said.

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