Angie: “How do I get rid of barley grains on my face?”

Angie: “How do I get rid of barley grains on my face?”

Angie (40 years old) has been suffering from barley grains around her eyes for some time now. “Even on my eyelids, there are these little bumps and they are getting bigger and bigger. They don’t look very appetizing. How do I get rid of this? Can I do it myself or do I have to take it to a specialist?”

“It’s true that it’s barley grain. Doctors also call it ‘milia,'” says a research doctor in cosmetic dermatology. Jetske Ultee. “Many people sometimes confuse Christmas beans with blackheads, because such a white dot can also appear. But barley beans are really something else, and they require a different approach.”

Alti explains: “Blackheads are pores clogged with sebum and skin flakes. Barley grains are located deeper in the skin and are made up of clots of accumulated keratin. They form when dead skin cells from your skin don’t fall off on their own. They get stuck under the new layer of skin, harden and form a grain of barley.”

According to the research doctor, barley pimples are “very common,” and often — just like with Angie — around the eyes, on the cheeks, and near the nose. Rest assured, they are innocent. “But most people would rather not have it.”

Angie also wants to get rid of it as soon as possible. Can she get the malt beans out herself? “No, that’s not a good idea. The barley grain is very deep in the skin. It’s best to have the barley grain removed by an esthetician or dermatologist. He pricks the grain with a sterile needle and then carefully pulls it out. Do it. Don’t use needles or knives yourself. Definitely not.” grains close to the eye.

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Peel and moisturize

According to Ultee, to prevent future barley pimples, you must first make sure that dead skin cells don’t build up. “In other words: ‘exfoliate.’ An exfoliant with salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or lactic acid gently removes dead skin cells. Vitamin A acid also prevents blockages.”

“The chance of getting barley bumps increases if your skin is not properly hydrated. Certain medications can also cause breakouts, such as creams containing corticosteroids. And skin damage, such as sunlight. Therefore, use products that moisturize and protect your skin. Choose eg A cream with niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and glycerin, and with an SPF for when you go out.”

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