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Android may get an option to control the interface through facial expressions only. For example, users can associate actions, for example, with a smile or raising their eyebrows.

Options in beta from Access ToolsAnd Discover XDA Developers. The options seem to be for people who have difficulty operating the regular touch screen and come in addition to other control methods, such as voice commands. Unlike voice commands, the new options work without speaking, which can be useful in public places, for example.

The option to use the front camera is included in the options for connecting an accessory via USB or Bluetooth to take over the operation of the touch screen. There are a total of six facial expressions and fourteen actions to choose from. You can set the sensitivity of the program to each expression.

XDA has got options that work in Android 11 and Android 12. In the latest version, a pixel at the top of the screen lights up to indicate that the front camera is in use. The option is not intended for general use. The effect of the function on battery life is not clear. Google has not announced the feature publicly yet.

Images: XDA Developers

Android Accessibility – Facial Expression Options
expressions Procedures
open mouth selection Homepage
smiling next one back
raise eyebrows former Notices
look to the left long press Quick Settings
look to the right move forward Abstract
Look for go back Pause the face recognition function

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