Android apps on Windows 11 use the Intel Bridge compiler, and also works with AMD – Computer – News

However, maintaining the compatibility of 12 billion apps and games over 25 years is difficult.

Is it hard not to do anything? Since then, Windows has supported 12 billion apps and games over 25 years. This is of course a very strange statement because Microsoft does not support anything other than its own products.

Microsoft is very inconsistent like @Choco pearl already indicates. You can compare it with the old and new control panel. They just keep messing with the two. Let’s not even start recording. Various abstraction layers have also been created there for years (WOW6432Node). Nowadays you just have to look for where your app writes things (local/local/roaming app data, 32-bit logging, 64-bit registry, program data), even the Windows 10 start menu stores all its settings in a file-time database Long upsets system administrators because they can no longer change anything. Then they put that back into the registry and program data (yes, just used two different sites). It’s just a gang.

Apple can do things like this because their user base:
1. Much smaller than MS.
2. They still use Apple products because they hate Microsoft.
3. Attach to Apple apps or services only.

This is just phishing of course. The size of the user base is not appropriate at all, you just treat your users with respect, this is the same for Microsoft and Apple. I hope you don’t really think someone from Apple is going to say: Oh, we only have 100 million users so we can ruin things. 8) 7

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I also have no idea why you think Apple users hate Microsoft because their software works just fine on a Mac. It is also not only related to Apple apps, there is more than a variety to be found.

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