Android 14 comes with this replacement for the notification light

Android 14 will get a feature that will allow smartphones to receive flash notifications – or flash notifications. There will be two new types of flash notifications called Camera flash notification And Screen flash notification. You can read more about it in this article.

Camera flash notification

Many smartphones used to have a notification light. This will blink green or red, for example, and show you that you’ve received a message or other notification. However, with the ever-shrinking edges of the smartphone screen, the notification LED has disappeared from our phones. Although Sony smartphones, for example, still have a notification light because they still use relatively large screen bezels.

However, in a new feature that can be found in the second developer preview of Android 14, there will be a new form of LED notifications and reports. Android. The function will be called Camera Flash Notification and will cause the flash on the back of your smartphone to blink when you receive a notification. The flash will blink twice when you get a notification. Google warns that you should not use the function if you are sensitive to light.

picture: Android Police

Screen flash notification

In addition to flash blinking, Android 14 should also come with a feature that allows you to receive “screen flash notifications”. This will flash your phone’s screen to show you have a notification. You can choose a color for this yourself.

This screen flash will not only appear when your phone is locked, but also when it is unlocked and therefore active. The screen flicker will then appear as a transparent layer on your screen.

New flash notifications in Android 14

Android 14 Developer Preview 2

The second developer preview of Android 14 has just been announced and in it – in addition to the aforementioned flash notifications – we see a number of new features of Android 14. For example, the new version of the operating system should be faster and more economical. In addition, there will be more language options for each application and the image selector will not be optional. You can read more information about the features in DP2 for Android 14 in this article.

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