Andretti Global’s new headquarters looks familiar

Andretti Global’s new headquarters looks familiar

It is already well known that Michael and Mario Andretti want to enter Formula 1 with their full strength. However, doubts from various teams, the FIA ​​and Liberty Media about Andreatti Global’s ability to run an F1 team have held back the venture for some time. Despite this opposition, the organization has put forward an ambitious plan for a new headquarters, which Andretti aims to be a world-class racing team.

Future activities

The new facility will be built in Fishers, Indiana. According to Andretti, the state is the ‘motorsport capital of the world’. Andretti Global ‘Compass’ will handle all of the company’s racing activities, including IndyCar, IMSA and ‘all future racing activities’. A 2022-spec F1 car lurking in the render already hints (hopefully) at what future operations could hold.

The facility will cost a total of $200 million, although Andretti will receive the necessary compensation from the local government.

MTC Lite

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Andretti was looking at MTC.

The idea for a multifunctional headquarters that houses racing teams, a laboratory and a museum is certainly not new. After all, Andretti’s former IndyCar partners McLaren have had a similar facility for decades: the imposing McLaren Technical Center. Not coincidentally, Andretti’s creation looks a lot like the spaceship at Woking. Only time will tell if the Indiana campus will be as successful as the MTC.

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