André Van Duyen is our national pride |  stars

André Van Duyen is our national pride | stars

Under the direction of the Metropole Orchestra, there were, among others, Maan, André van Duin, Laetitia Gerards Shary-An, Hanin and ZO! Gospel Choir and ISH gather to dance on stage. Claudia de Brig sang part of her song May I be with you Into German, which she translated ten years ago with the help of her German neighbor. Steve Boss tied the show together. He narrated personal stories that “make the idea of ​​freedom tangible to everyone.”

The performance of André van Doyne, who made a great impression with his remembrance speech the day before, was greatly appreciated. André van Doyne decorates # 4 May and # 5 May. Talk about love. How that man evolved into our national pride. And it seems to be improving more every day. Fatiha. #Liberation concert #freedom, “someone tweeted. Another writes:” After yesterday’s impressive speech, tonight, the wonderful contribution of André van Duin to the liberation ceremony. What a hero! “

Also this time, King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima did not attend the ceremony. They are usually there and sail away afterwards, while waving goodbye by the crowd along the docks and from boats at number. We will meet again. The song now ended in Carrie, all of the artists present sang it together.

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