Andre Hazis calls his mother a ‘bitch’, Rachel furious: ‘Disgusting and needlessly offensive’ | RTL Street

Andre Hazis calls his mother a ‘bitch’, Rachel furious: ‘Disgusting and needlessly offensive’ | RTL Street

Regret will come later.

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We already knew that Andre Hazis, 30, and his mother Rachel, 54, couldn’t handle each other or seeing each other right now, but a new chapter has been added to the feud within the Hazis family. Andre made a cruel joke on Friday, calling his mother a “bitch.” Rachel isn’t letting that go, as is clear from the response she gave Shownieuws.

“I can’t promise I’ll last much longer.”

Andrei was on stage at Breda Live last Friday. There he asked the audience what the “craziest thing” they would say to someone they were very angry with was. When he hears the word “bitch” he says: “Bitch? What do you say about my mother?” Andrei himself is also shocked by his reaction. “Just kidding,” he says quickly. “Can I say that it was intense for me. I just see people in shock, and that’s me too. I don’t know what happened to me.”

Rachel Hayes is Not fun With these statements from her son. “I think our children should be very happy with the statements they constantly make publicly about me,” she responds somewhat sarcastically in a written response to Show news“This is so shocking and unnecessarily offensive.” They must also be very happy that they have to deal with me and that they would not have dared or done such things if Andrei (senior, ed.) were still alive. He would never have tolerated such statements, not from anyone at all.

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It has become difficult for Rachel to keep her mouth shut about the family’s ongoing problem for some time. “There will come a day when everything will be clear to many people in the Netherlands. I am trying to keep my mouth shut for as long as possible, but I cannot promise that I will continue to do so for much longer.” Despite the statements, Rachel’s mother’s heart is still beating. “I would also like to stress that I still wish my children all the happiness in the world.”

His mother disinherited Andrei for a while, you can learn more about that in the video below.

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