An investigation opened in Germany after suspected poisoning of Russian dissidents |  outside

An investigation opened in Germany after suspected poisoning of Russian dissidents | outside

An investigation has been launched in Germany after a Russian journalist and activist attending a conference in Berlin reported health problems indicating they had been poisoned. This was reported by the judicial police in the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag.

“An investigation has been opened on the basis of the available information,” a Berlin police spokesman told the newspaper.

Russian interrogation method Agentstvo Last week I published a study that reported health problems among two participants in a meeting of Russian dissidents on April 29 and 30, about businessman and dissident Mikhail Khodorovsky.

The first participant, who was described as a journalist who recently left Russia, experienced certain symptoms during the event, which were not elaborated upon. I mentioned that they may have started before the event. The woman reported to a Berlin hospital where Russian opponent Alexei Navalny was treated in 2020 for poisoning.

The second participant is Natalia Arnault, director of the NGO Free Russia Foundation in the United States, where she lived for ten years after she had to leave Russia. The woman was in Berlin at the end of April and then traveled to Prague. There, according to Agentstvo, she felt symptoms and also noticed her hotel room being opened.

Earlier this week, Arnault wrote on Facebook that she felt “sharp pain” and “numbness”. The first “strange symptoms” began after her arrival in Prague. And she wrote that the symptoms have not gone away yet, but Arno is feeling better.

In recent years, there have been many cases of poisoning in Russia and abroad against Russian dissidents. Moscow denies the involvement of its secret services in those attacks.

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European labs have confirmed that Alexei Navalny has been poisoned with Novichok, a nerve agent developed by the Soviet Union for military purposes.

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