An Indian woman discovers after 5 years of stomach pain that doctors left medical forceps inside her after a caesarean section | strange

An Indian woman has been walking around with severe abdominal pain for the past five years. Through examination, she discovered that the pain was caused by a medical device that the doctors had left in her body after a caesarean section.

KK Harshina (31 years old) is a mother of three children, all of whom were born by caesarean section. Harshina underwent his first two surgeries in the same hospital. For a third birth, she went to another hospital in the Indian city of Kozhikode. It turned out that this was a wrong decision because right after the operation her severe abdominal pain started.

“I can’t describe the pain I went through for all those five years,” Harshina told the BBC. She also told the doctors about her pain, but they told her it was simply because she had a third caesarean section. “They told me other women were experiencing the same thing.”

But the pain did not stop, and after a long search of five years, the woman finally discovered in September last year the cause of the pain. A scan of her abdomen showed medical forceps 6 cm long and 5 cm wide. She removed it shortly after the examination by means of a new operation.

The pursuit of justice

Harshina is now seeking justice. She urged the Minister of Health to investigate the matter. The hospital where the caesarean section was performed has also launched an internal investigation. However, both investigations were fruitless. According to the hospital, there was no missing medical device, thus bringing up the two previous caesarean section deliveries to Harshina. This hospital also lacked medical forceps.

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So Harshina went on hunger strike last week. She has since given up the hunger strike, but continues her protest. “I will sit here [tot er rechtvaardigheid is]He appears at the hospital door.

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