“An important American oil pipeline may still be idle for days.”

It will likely take a few more days for the main oil pipeline to the East Coast of the United States to operate again. Colonial Pipeline was hacked last weekend and suspended a number of systems as a precaution. As a result, oil distribution stopped. The company believes that most systems should be operational again by the end of this week.

The main pipeline runs from Colonial to the east coast from the coast of the Gulf of Mexico to Linden in New Jersey, near New York. Pipeline accounts for nearly half of all fuels that go to that part of the country. On the way, for example, you visit Atlanta Airport, which is one of the busiest airports in the world.

If the pipeline remains closed for a few more days, disturbances may occur. Due to all the turmoil, US gasoline prices have already increased by 6 cents in recent days. In doing so, they are nearing the highest level since 2014.


Hackers are using ransomware and demanding money to free systems. In addition, they could have stolen the data that they threaten to reveal had the company not paid. It is not known if the company will do this. A key US government official stated that it is up to the company itself to make the decision. The government would not have advised the company of this.

Washington has already declared a regional emergency due to the troubles. The United States wants Colonial systems to operate again as quickly as possible and is trying to ensure that the impact of the incident is limited. The penetration is also being investigated. The authorities are trying, among other things, to find out if the hackers have links with the Russian government.

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